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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are someone has already asked it, and the answer is below.

What's in the box?

We pride ourselves on having a great variation of camping, survival, tactical, and all around epic outdoor gear. Month to month this will vary as each mission is themed and will focus on a specific type of equipment. We have had 30+ missions successfully shipped to date. Take a look around at the review videos on our “What’s in the Box” breakdown page.

I just ordered my first SurvivalBox, what Mission will I receive first?

Due to a large, unknown number of monthly sign ups we will always have a Welcome box < Mission 34 is our current Welcome Box > for all of our new subscribers. Logistically, we cannot plan for new subscriptions to receive the most recent box every month as every mission is carefully thought out and planned months in advance. Therefore, we have established the welcome box as a method to make sure all new subscribers are included in the monthly shipment.

When will I be billed on my account?

The first time you subscribe, your payment will be processed for your first shipment immediately. Afterwards, payments will be processed on the 15th of each month. On first shipments, if your order is placed by the 3rd, re-billing will start the 15th of that same month. On orders placed after the 3rd, re-billing will begin on the 15th of the following month.

When do you ship the boxes?

Shipping window for subscription boxes is the 4th-9th of each month, except when those days fall on weekends or holidays, in which case we will begin shipping boxes on the next postal work day. You should receive your box no later than the 15th (some exceptions for international shipments may apply).

I just received my Mission 34 Welcome Box, what box will I get next?

After you receive your Welcome Box (Mission 34) your next box (the following month) will be the CURRENT Mission. Example: If we sent all existing customers Mission 37 the month before, then you would receive Mission 38 as your 2nd box with ALL other existing customers.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ONLY ship within the United States (including U.S. military addresses) and Canada. Any assessed duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Can I skip the Welcome Box (Mission 34)?

No, all new customers will receive Mission 34 as their first box.

When can I expect to start receiving my SurvivalBox after I have subscribed?

If you subscribe by 11:59 PM EST on the 3rd of the month, your SurvivalBox will ship by the 9th of that month, and should arrive no later than the 15th. If you sign up after 11:59PM EST on the the 3rd, your SurvivalBox shipment will begin on the following month. For example, if you subscribe on JULY 2nd, your SurvivalBox will ship by JULY 9th. If you subscribe on JULY 9th, your first SurvivalBox will ship by AUGUST 9th (excluding weekends and holidays).

How long is the subscription I am signing up for?

Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel, and is billed monthly ONLY! Cancel anytime. We currently don't offer 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month renewals.

Is the fee just for one month or a whole year?

The fee is month to month and varies based upon the 4 subscriber levels that SurvivalBox offers.

Are the boxes themed?

Yes! It is almost impossible to include enough gear in each box for the entire box to be themed, but certain products in each box WILL be part of the theme each month for a different survival, outdoor, hiking, camping, tactical, or EDC scenario.

How do I send a single box as a gift?

If you would like to only send one box to someone as a gift, just sign-up, using THEIR shipping information), and once you receive the confirmation email that you have subscribed, you can log back in and cancel your subscription. You must do this before the first renewal date, or you will be re-billed for an additional month.

Can I JUST sign up for the Knife of the Month?

No, not at this time. Per the State of the Box email, this system is a work in progress.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Once, you have logged in to your SurvivalBox account, you will see an orange button that says EDIT/VIEW. Click this button and a pop-up will occur, in the bottom right hand corner of this pop up, press the “Cancel subscription” button. Follow the prompts on the next screen to finalize your cancellation.

When will I receive my last SurvivalBox if I cancel my subscription?

For customers that have received the welcome box - As long as you cancel before the renewal on the 15th you will not receive a SurvivalBox the following month. If you cancel on or after the 15th, you will be shipped one more SurvivalBox the following month.

For customers that are new and have not received the welcome box - You will receive the welcome box that was paid for the day you initially subscribed and will not renew for the next shipment.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately because we purchase our products based on paid subscribers, we cannot give refunds.. You can, of course cancel, whenever you like, but if you cancel after the billing period (15th of the month), then you will receive one more SurvivalBox subscription. If you pay for a subscription, and then decide to cancel before you have received your first shipment, you will still receive the one you paid for, and no more will be shipped after that. As a subscription based around monthly mystery themes we cannot always please everyone. Therefore, we do not offer returns, refunds or credits for disliking of subscription contents.

What do I do about a damaged or non-working product?

If you received a damaged item, straight out of the box, we will send a replacement or something of similar value, within a 15 day period of your receipt of your SurvivalBox. After 15 days items cannot be replaced. Electronics and other similar items, may be under a factory warranty, in which case, you may need to contact the original manufacturer. Email us with your questions concerning replacements. Keep in mind, we do not manufacture or sell these products for retail. When emailing please be sure to provide the Name/Email that is linked to your active account, so we can assist you faster!

I noticed my name/address/phone # is wrong after I signed up.

You can sign into your SurvivalBox account and access this by pressing the orange EDIT/VIEW button and then clicking on the “Edit Shipping Address” button. From here you will be able to change all details of your address as needed. Be sure to press the “Update shipping address” button to finalize all changes.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription without canceling?

Sign into your Survivalbox account, and then click the orange EDIT/VIEW button, then click the change subscription button. Select the new level you desire, and then press update subscription in the bottom right hand corner. Remember, this needs to be done no later than the 14th of each month or you will have to wait until the following box for the upgraded subscription level.

What shipping company do you use to ship?

We use USPS Priority/First Class mail or UPS Ground/SurePost. With UPS SurePost, UPS transports the packages around the country and the USPS is responsible for the final delivery. We also use Canada Post for our customers in Canada.

How can I skip a month, without canceling my entire subscription?

Login to your Survivalbox account, and press the orange EDIT/VIEW button, then select the “SKIP SHIPMENT” option. Then checkmark the “Skip next shipment” box and then press the orange “Skip subscription” button in the bottom righthand corner. Your next month has been skipped.

How can I get previous missions? I don't want to miss any.

We offer past Missions in limited supply available in our active subscriber only online shop. To access, simply sign in to your account and click on the SHOP button.

Why didn't I get my package?

This frequently comes down to user error within your account settings. Most often part of the shipping address is wrong. Please make sure to confirm all is correct to prevent any shipping delays. On the rare occasion there has been a error in shipping, please email and we will look into things.

What happens if my card is declined by my financial institution?

We will try and bill you again over the next ten days. During that time you can add funds to your account, edit payment information, or contact your financial institution’s fraud department to make sure they aren’t flagging our system from processing the payment.

We hope we have answered most of your questions. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, please email us at . If the question is shipping related, please email . .

We want to hear from you. What products do you like that you would like to see in your SurvivalBox? If we can work something out with the supplier, maybe you’ll see it in an upcoming box! Email us at .