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If we’re being totally honest, there’s not a single season or weather threat that could keep us from getting outside.

If we’re being totally honest, there’s not a single season or weather threat that could keep us from getting outside.

You’ll find many of us hiking outside in scorching hot South Georgia weather, or camping in cold temperatures in the dead of winter. When you love the outdoors as much as we do, you know there’s not much that can stop you -- especially if you’re prepared for anything. (Hint: Check out Mission 27)



But one season we all love camping and hiking in is the fall. The temperatures start to drop, we don’t see nearly as much humidity, and the leaves… well they’re just real purty.



As the summer heat fades away and the fall air rolls in, don’t hesitate to plan a hiking or camping trip. Here are the top 5 reasons why this fall is the perfect time to get outside:

1. Temperatures are comfortable. That summer heat can be unbearable while outdoors, but those crisp fall temperatures are the best for an effortless hike and a good night’s sleep.

2. Can’t beat that scenery. The intense colors of changing leaves make the fall a pretty awesome time to camp and hike.

3. You can perfect your layering skills. It can be challenging to find the right amount of layers while hiking. Use this fall to try out different layering methods to prep for colder weather. Check out this article for some tips.

4. You have an excuse to eat a big, hearty meal. As temperatures drop, it becomes more and more important to eat a warm, hearty meal to help refuel your body, replenish your muscles, and keep your warm and toasty. An excuse to eat a lot? Count us in.

5. Crowds are smaller. Since it’s during the school year, folks are less inclined to go camping this time of year during the week or for prolonged periods of time. While it’s nice meeting people while camping, it’s even nicer to have some peace and quiet.

6. Fallen leaves make for extra cushion. All the leaves falling from deciduous trees can come in handy. Pile ‘em up under your tent for a little extra comfort while you sleep.

Take advantage of all that nature has to offer this fall and get to hiking and camping. Ain’t no better time to get outside than now.

Have any tips for hiking and camping in the fall? Head on over to our forum to share them with other SurvivalBoxers.