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SurvivalBox is unlike any business I've ever known. From the unwavering loyalty of our customers, to the adventures we are able to be a part of every day, it never ceases to amaze me.

We have a strong team of officers and executives, as well as a great group of employees that pack the boxes.

Here’s why they believe in SurvivalBox, too:

“The company and our customers continue to inspire me each and every week. I love hearing that we are getting people/families outside!” - Patrick Kelley

“Our customer's response to each mission month over month is all the assurement I need to know that we are doing great things.” - John Roman

“I believe in SurvivalBox because it’s a company that is dedicated to their customers, employees and the brand.” - Brandon Currin

There is never a dull moment. We've been able to experience things we never thought we would be able to. We continue to strive to be better and better every day, and I think that has helped propel us to the top of our class in the subscription world. We have created lasting friendships, some of which are like family, and no matter what the future holds, we can say we built this from nothing and kicked some serious ass.

Thank you for another awesome year, SurvivalBoxers. I look forward to the amazing things to come in 2017.

-Daniel Dabbs, Founder and CEO